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how much ambassadors could receive

because I need help to share OnSA with the rest of South Africa,

I am offering a limited number of positions for ambassadors in each province

whether you're a student or retired,

employed or unemployed,

in the city or the country - you can apply.

basically anyone who wouldn't mind some extra cash


how it works is:

listen properly...

if you are a social individual, or if you just know a lot of peeps & are well connected,

& you'd like to earn some extra cash, then apply to be an ambassador

...& you’ll probably sleep better

knowing that you’re helping others

 to promote their businesses too...

1.  fill in the form & submit your application below

2.  once I've checked your deets & given you the go-ahead,

3.  then you can start referring companies to advertise their businesses on OnSA

4.  & you can start getting bucks for being so amazing


the company you refer needs to put your name as the person who referred them,

& you will then receive a third of every single payment that they make to OnSA,

giving you the potential to earn a passive income

your future self will thank you,

I promise...












  for example, using the table above:

  if 100 companies put you as their referrer, & they each pay R150 to advertise on OnSA every month,

  then you will receive R50 from each company that continues on OnSA – so you could get R5 000 per month

  if 100 companies put you as their referrer, & they each pay R450 to advertise on OnSA for 3 months,

  then you will receive R150 from each company that continues on OnSA – so you could get R15 000 every 3 months


  if 100 companies put you as their referrer, & they each pay R1 800 to advertise on OnSA for 12 months,

  then you will receive R600 from each company that continues on OnSA – so you could get R60 000 every 12 months


so, get out your phone, my cuzzy, & start browsing your contacts


let's do this!  


let's stand together & start a positive movement that brings our country's businesses together,

one hubsite at a time...

Application form

If your application is approved, I will send you a personalised post to put on your social media platforms.

But only if you want to.

Complete the following sentence that will appear on the post I send you:

If you put my name down as the person who referred you when you sign up to promote your business on OnSA...

I agree & understand the following:
This is not an employment contract and at no time shall it be deemed as such.
I am not an employee of, or a contractor of any kind, for On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd.
This is a referral system, whereby I will be paid according to the number of companies that list me as their referrer upon their successful application to promote their business on any of On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd's websites.
Should the company I refer not fill my name in on their application form before submitting it, then I cannot redeem that amount.
I acknowledge that I will receive a third of any payment that each company pays to OnSA (whether it be for the 1, 3 or 12 month options),
only when On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd has received payment from the company that I have referred, and said payment is reflected in
On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd's bank account.
If any company is already listed on On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd's database (regardless of who they were initially referred by), then I cannot receive any payment for enlisting them, as they are already loaded on the system.
When signing up initially, all companies are added to, and remain on, On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd's database, regardless of whether their profile is active or not.
I understand that I am paid per company that lists me as the person who referred them, and any money owing to me will be paid into my bank account via EFT within thirty days of each company's payment being reflected in On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd's bank account.
Should I have any queries regarding payment, they need to be made in writing and sent via email to sarah@onsouthafrica.com within 48 hours of receiving payment.
I hereby declare that I will not partake in any behaviour that will bring On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd into disrepute, and should I behave in such a manner, I will be removed as an ambassador for OnSA without any prior notice or warning, and I could face criminal charges and forfeit receiving any money owing to me.
On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to deem any applicant unsuccessful at their sole discretion, and they may remove any ambassador from their list at any time and without any prior notice.
On Everything SA (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to make any changes they deem necessary at any time, and will inform their ambassadors of such changes in writing.