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Oh, not the soccer kind. Pack your vuvuzelas away. False alarm.

…to create a network of easily accessible, user friendly, online hubsites in Sunny Suid Afrika. 

A place where anyone can go to find anything that they need - from plumbers to photographers. 

Because of our country's massive diversity, each hubsite is based on a different theme.

Not only are we proud to be South African, but we are proud of our provinces & cities too,

meaning that you can find things that are relevant to where you stay.

Ja, Nee, we were basically gatvol of having to Google search

& sift through several websites & wade through AdWords to find information that we need - & I admit,

we're a little OCD, so we're dedicated to cleaning up the net by sorting & putting all of the current

& relevant information into neat, themed hubsites to make all of our lives easier.

Like I’m always telling my kids, “just put it in one place, then you'll know where to find it.”

Not that they ever listen.


…to connect like minded peeps who can empower, uplift & support each other along the way. 

I want to build an equal platform that is a safe space where peeps may unite, inspire others,

& hopefully be inspired too.

If you have an amazing product or service that can help others in that field of interest,

then let us know so that we can put your company & link on that site,

we would love to have peeps like you in our flock.

…*cue showers of pixie dust, rainbows & butterflies.

Not glitter. That sh*t gets everywhere.

…to offer you a wealth of useful links to companies & peeps that can help you,

and we have put it all into neat little tables,

so you just need to type in keywords to find what you're looking for,

while looking at a sliding gallery of what they have to offer.

Click on their name & you will be able to find out a bit about the peeps behind the scenes.

Simply click on the gallery pic, or the company's logo & you will be magically whisked away to their site.

Just make sure that you remember what Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home."

We've leveled the playing field.

so, there's no preferential treatment here.

Whether it is a single mom who is working after hours to try & start her own business,

 or a multi-national company that has a stadium named after them,

they're both given equal opportunity to be found based on what it is that they do & how well they do it,

not on how big their marketing budget is.

So you get to see the peeps behind the brand & see what it is that they actually do

& we're leaving it up to you to make an informed decision as to which company you'll use based on that.

…to keep it affordable so that all companies can feature on these sites.

We love our local businesses & support them as much as we can, especially the smaller family ones.

We would love to run these sites for free, but we have to cover our costs, & give back to others,

so there are rates for businesses to feature on our sites, but we've kept these to a minimal amount,

as our focus is on bringing peeps together.

So, it’s R150 per company per month to feature on one hubsite.

And it's all on a month to month basis - no sneaky hidden ninja fine print.

I know you’re thinking, “No ways, that’s less than I spend on one bag of groceries from Checkers.”

We don’t want to buy ourselves porsches – just data & maybe a coffee or two…

Don’t get me wrong, becoming the next billionaire would be amazing, but for now,

bringing South Africans together is more important.

*cue kids holding hands around the country,

a big South African flag flying in the background,

& Nkosi Sikelel’ being sung by Ladysmith Black Mambazo & the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir.

Alright, maybe not the choir bit.  That's a little OTT.

…to show our support to the charities & organisations that work tirelessly to uplift others

& protect those that cannot protect themselves.

So, when each company signs up, they choose a charity or organisation from OnSA's list of beneficiaries,

& just because we can,

from each company's monthly rates, we will donate R10 of it to their charity.

You may be skeptical as all hell, & I don’t blame you,

what with all of the skelms out there these days looking at any way to get ahead & make a quick buck,

but, I promise, we're genuine – Scout’s Honour.

…to give others the opportunity to pay it forward & give back to others.

When each company signs up, they can gift part of their initial payment to someone else.

Anyone they know.  It can be to an individual, a group, a school, a charity or an organisation.

If the company pays R150 & signs up for 1 month, they can gift someone R50,

if they pay R450 & sign up for 3 months, they can gift someone R150

if they pay R1800 & sign up for 12 months, they can gift someone R600.

They can choose to gift it to their granny who always selflessly helps everyone else out,

the car-guard from SPAR who is always smiling,

the family a couple houses down who have had their electricity cut off,

the group of volunteers who do the most incredible work in their community,

their lightie's school that could always do with extra bucks to buy more books,

or even their local charity that is raising funds to buy the bakkie they so desperately need.

I could go on forever...

I know some of you scheme there's a loop hole & peeps can sommer gift themselves, like Jacob did.

They could, but I'm hoping that they will rather take this opportunity to pay it forward.

We all know at least one person whose life we could brighten.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better – we upped our game! You check…

Ubuntu.  On&UP, baby...

...We're dedicated to helping you & listening to what you have to say. 

We value you & your messages are important to us, so I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.  

I could easily include chat bots on the hubs to reply to your questions instantly,

by setting up a system of automated answers to churn out - it would make my life easier,

but I know that no amount of AI (artificial intelligence for the oupas)

could ever replace making contact & having a convo with a human,

& I'm all about connecting communities of peeps, not bots.

So when you send me a message, I will get back to you personally.  No bots here.

Honestly, nothing on any of the hubs requires an emergency response team.

I'm a real person with a crazy family, loopy friends & endless to do lists - just like you,

I will get back to you as soon as I can,

but, if my kids ask me to join them for a picnic lunch on the roof, I will do that first.

Those are the moments you can't get back. Those are the memories that make us real people.

Whether I reply to you instantly, or a few hours later - your life won't change much,

but mine might.

…for me to be totally open to any suggestions or tips from you on how we can make these sites

even more fabulous & user friendly than they already are – hard, I know,

but we would appreciate constructive feedback.

I don’t want to hear that you think that it's rubbish though.

We only let love & light into the bubble of happiness that we live in.

If you don’t like our hubsites, just take a "detour past us" when you’re doing your next Google trip.

Kind of like the time that you didn’t tell your aunty’s uncle’s cousin that you were going

to be in their hood for your holiday, & you spent the whole time ducking

& checking that you didn’t accidentally bump into them.

Like that.

…to make sure, most importantly,

that you aren’t bombarded by annoying pop ups, or flashing ads on every page.

All of the companies that can help you can be found under the relevant pages.

You’re big enough to navigate the site & find it yourself.

There's absolutely no spamming, no mailing lists,

no aggressive or invasive advertising on any of our hubsites. 


Sheesh! If there’s one thing that annoys me, it’s pop ups!

I’m already ADHD as it is & it takes all of my energy to focus on what I’m reading,

then a bloody thing pops up and distracts me,

& then it’s like gathering up a handful of marbles that have been dropped onto the floor to get me to…

...oooohhh... look at what I found under the couch...